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During drilling operations some problems may occur. The most common is drilling mud losses, when mud fluid pumped into the borehole is partially or completely absorbed by the stratum. Such situation is typical for highly permeable porous formations. When they are passed, the mud fluid head pressure exceeds the formation pressure. Materials impeding loss of circulation which strengthen the well bore are a preventive measure to control such process.

Depending on the drilling mud density, the following lost circulation materials (LCM) are used:

  • fibrous

  • flaked

  • granulated

  • columnar

Their main mission is to retain the drilling mud in the borehole due to stopping of fracture propagation. The size and amount of the colmatant is selected based on individual geologic and technical drilling conditions: in-place permeability, pressure and size of pore channels. A series of principles has a considerable importance:

mean particle size = one third of pore channel diameter

amount of specified particle size distribution is directly proportional to the squared particle diameter value

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Lost Circulation Material

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