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The inhibitors for water-based drilling muds are used to inhibit active clay shales and to minimize drilling mud lifetime.

They perform different functions according to the application conditions:

  • reduction of drilling mud lifetime, reduction of waste and dilution volumes

  • increasing the well bore stability, preventing clay matter hydration

  • preparation of fresh systems of initial penetration drilling muds

  • improvement of inhibiting property of mineralized systems

Type of the inhibitor for the water-based drilling mud as well as its physical properties are selected according to the scope and conditions of application, restrictions on compatibility with other components of the formulation.

Mud-Expert is ready to launch the production of inhibitors based on polyamines, polyglycols, silicates and other substances according to the Customers' specifications.


Sodium Polyacrilate with low viscosity

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Partially hydrolised polyacrylamide with high molecular weight

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