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Organophilic Clay -31


Organophilic modified clay with improved gel-forming properties for all types of anhydrous drilling muds including synthetic muds.

Range of applications

An effective gelling additive used in oil-based muds, synthetic drilling muds, WO-fluids and well-completion fluids. It is used to increase SSS and viscosity in all anhydritic systems including systems based on diesel fuel, low-viscous mineral oil and synthetic fluids. This reagent is particularly necessary in mud rooms for the preparation of large amounts of mud, and does not require thorough mixing and sufficient temperature to complete hydration and shattering. In this situation, the reagent provides higher viscosity as compared with other organophilic clays even if it is not fully returned. Therefore, it is recommended not to oversaturate the drilling mud but provide its circulation through the well to complete hydration and shattering.