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A mix of sized particles of various organic origins. It is designed to prevent circulation losses in fractured zones and for the effective development of anti-filtration barrier in the permeable rocks. Depending on the mix preparation technique and the nature of permeable rocks, the filler provides development of leak-tight anti-filtration plug or low-slump plug.

Range of applications

The reagent is a mix of plugging agents to prevent drilling mud absorption in the rocks of various origins. Extra fine and fine fractions can be used to reduce drilling mud filtration in highly porous sandstones. Mixes of this kind of grinding can be run in through the drill stem assembly and large and middle bit nozzles. It is recommended 
 to run in coarse grinding mixes through the open end of drilling string. The product has good wetting properties. Fine and medium fractions of the mix can be input using a cone, the more coarse fractions - directly under a reservoir mixer or a pump intake manifold.

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