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Sodium polyacrylate with low molecular weight is designed to reduce fluid loss of fresh and mineralized drilling muds.

Range of applications

It is recommended to reduce fluid loss and to stabilize rheological properties of fresh and mineralized thin clay and dispersed weighted drilling muds. It is the most effectivein fresh and inhibited polymer muds. It maintains its effectiveness at the bottom hole temperatures up to 205  ̊С. 
In addition to its main function, the reagent has the ability to be adsorbed at the surface of clay rocks, encapsulating the drilled out clay slime and stabilizing wellbore walls in the gross intervals of active, dispersible clays. 
Sodium polyacrylate with low molecular weight is also recommended as a deflocculating agent and a thin clay drilling mud stabilizer while drilling deep hot wells. In this case, the recommended concentration is not less than 3 kg/m3.